California Chain Link Fences

A California chain link fence combines the affordable and durable nature of chain link with the decorative look of wood. That’s because a California chain link fence is designed to use wooden posts and rails to go with the chain link fabric.

The California chain link is one of our most popular fencing options. Many customers enjoy the rustic look of wood combined with the modern style of chain link. This offers the best of both worlds: The appearance of a wooden fence without the high level of maintenance.

There are three different types of lumber that we use to construct California chain link fences. Cedar is the most common wood product used, and green treated and cedar tone lumber is also available. Cedar tone is a treated wood that is designed to give off a dark brown, stained look.

Any color of chain link fence can be used. Black chain link is the most common, but other colors such as brown, green and galvanized are also available.

Custom post and rail designs can be installed with your California chain link fence. One, two and three rail fences are among the most common. Different heights are available, from 42 inches all the way up to eight feet.

Please note, the staining of untreated wood on all posts and rails is recommended to extend the life of the fence.

If you are looking for the natural look of lumber with some added affordability, California chain link fence might be the perfect fit.

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