Chain Link Fences

If you are looking for an affordable and durable fence, chain link might be the perfect fit. Chain link is our top recommendation for property owners who are looking for a cost-effective fence solution.

When taking a quick glance around town, chances are it is pretty easy to spot a chain link fence. And it is a safe bet that some of those have been around for decades. The chain link fence has earned the nickname ‘cyclone fence’ for its sturdiness and wind resistance. It is also perfect for yards with dogs or children.

Although most wood fences can be treated, chain link is generally expected to have a longer lifespan than wood. This is because the wood will start to decay over time. Chain link is one of the quickest fences to install, and many residential projects can be completed in one day.

Our residential chain link models include the most common choice of galvanized steel chain link, or a more colorful vinyl coated chain link. Colors include forest green, midnight black and sierra brown.

Customers can rest assured knowing that Croix Area fence uses the most durable materials possible. Our chain link fences use welded gate frames, which will last longer than less expensive options that are screwed together.

All chain link fence posts are driven into the ground with an air-operated post driver. The posts are driven four feet into the ground, which saves time and money. For privacy, different types of decorative polyethylene slats are available.

Chain link fencing is available in many different heights, ranging from 3 feet up to 12 feet. Check with your city’s ordinances to find out if there are any height guidelines you are required to follow.

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Dog Fences

Croix Area Fence is available to construct dog kennels to keep your animals in an enclosed space. Fenced kennels give dogs a safe place to dwell while they are at home, and chain link is a great solution for your kennel needs.

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